Waiting on you....

I love the style that Stephanie Howell, a long lost college friend now scrapbook superstar... let's just say Prima Flowergirl, has! Check her out at Just me and my 2 little chicks. A lot of her LOs are simple but intricate at the same time, and always use her own penmanship in some little journal to her girls. I love this touch. I'm not really confident about using my own handwriting yet, but I finally bit the bullet and did it anyway. This is a photo of Mark and I when I was NINE months pregnant and SO ready for Sailer to get here. Although she was well worth the wait, that last month was pure torture (for everyone...(= ).

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merryheart2 said...

this is so so cute.
I love the painted edges, the paper doily and that you did use your own handwriting.

very nice.