25-27 June ~ My First Women's Golf Tournament

This was such a huge deal for me. I would definitely be considered a "weekend golfer."
I play for fun with Mark. Rarely keep my score. Usually just play 9. Etc.
Well, since this summer, I've actually started playing more seriously. (I even established a handicap...however embarressing it is).
So when Sherry and I decided to enter the member-guest tournament up at Timarron CC, we had to get our act together.
After a few women's 9 holes and a golf etiquette lesson, we were as ready as we could be.

They kicked off the tournie with a big tropical party- with great food, lots of drinks, music, gambling, games, etc.

So we played 2 full days, and actually had a blast.
Everyone we ran into commented that we were having more fun than anyone on the course!
The first day was a little brutal...though we picked up our game after a few beers!
Because our flight was uneven, we had a starter with us as we played.
We loved it! These cute little old men made the day for us. They were hilarious!
Anyway, the second day proved a lot more promising for us!
We actually killed the front 9 (as you will see from the scorecard)....especially when you factor in the 2 strokes we got per hole!
That would make 2 hole in ones for us! (=
We will definitely do it again....if only for all of the free goodies we received!

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