19 Sept ~Take me out the Ballgame (or not so much...)

I've been BEGGING to go to the Rangers game all season! Growing up in my house, we learned a healthy (ok, maybe unhealthly) love for the game. I love everything about ballgames- watching it, the people-watching, the FOOD, being outside, all of it! Anyway, we were supposed to go as a family...yes, Sailer included... to the game on Friday night. I was beyond pumped! Well, Friday came and in preparation for weekend houseguests, I worked my little tail off far beyond what I should have... I already have a hard enough staying awake these days, but with all the housework, I could barely move. Add to that, my perfect little angel was NOT in a very good mood, so I made the grown-up decision to forego the game. Heartbroken. Anyway, I didn't want Mark to miss it just because his wife can't stay awake, so he went with the rest of the group to the game. When I woke up the next morning.... there were these on my vanity.

If you know me at all, I'm fairly certain you know that I'm not a jersey kind of girl.... however, my hubby knows me well b/c I firmly believe Swarovski crystals can fix anything. (= We had to take a few pics in them to pretend we were ready for the game.

And finally, every ballgame isn't complete until you do the wave....

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