20 August ~ Answered prayers and Bittersweet Endings

I've been praying for so many months for the Lord to bring a suitable buyer for our home and for him to direct us where He wants us to be. I'm embarressed to say that I got frustrated with His timing sometimes... it felt like the sale of our house was never going to happen and that we were never going to find "our" house. WHY DO I QUESTION?!?!? As I should always know, His timing is perfect. The sale today was definitely an answer to my prayers; although it is definitely a bittersweet day. This is the house that we lived in when we first married, where Sailer was born, did so many of her "firsts." And mostly, I'm sad to leave her room. There was so much love that went into putting her room together....

I had to take one last photo of Sailer in front of her first house.

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