6 Sept ~ Tumbling Toddlers

YEAH- today was Sailer's first day of gymnastics!
I decided to start her along with her sweet friend, Addison.
She was a natural... she loved the bars and mastered her front roll!!
I've loved gymnastics my entire life, so this was heaven for me!
We're doing 6 months of mommy and me classes to get her acquainted with it all, and then, when she's a little more comfortable we'll go for the real deal sans mommy!
If today was any inclination of how much she's going to love it, I'm beyond thrilled!


Barbara said...

How fun Tara!!!

JG said...

She's growin' fast Tara! Just stopping by to say hello. I hope you guys are doing well.

Allison Schubert said...

Can you please have Barbara email ASAP and you as well.