Bye friend...

I just wanted to post a small good bye to a friend of mine who was killed this past Friday. She was simply driving to work and without warning, her life was cut short at the hands of a drunk college kid. She leaves behind a husband and three precious children, so their family needs as many thoughts and prayers as you can spare. To say a quick thing about Aleida.... she was my first friend when I joined Scrapping the Music. She was the first to make you feel welcome, to encourage you, to make a smartallic remark, to just make you laugh out loud... she was bigger than life. And to say she will be sorely missed just doesn't cover it.


stephanie howell said...

i miss her too. =(.
hey, where did you hear that the young girl was drunk?

Allison schubert said...

Do tell where you heard that.
I was wondering if you had gotten my email from friday.
Didn't you just love her remarks...always made me smile.
She will always be in our hearts.