25 Sept ~ An apple a day...

One of the lowest points of being a mom is having to take your baby to a doctor's appt where you know they're going to get shots! It's heartbreaking!! Not to mention with all of the hoopla surrounding immunizations, it's a scary deal as well. I feel like I did so much research on this that I thought my eyes would cross. Although I spread out and delayed Sailer's shots just out of caution, I do believe in immunizations! And thinking about the future, it scares me for Sailer to be around the kids who aren't... but what can you do?

Sailer is now 20.5 pounds (22%), 32 1/2 inches long (50%), and is 90% in head circ... so basically she's caught up to an average height (hooray!) but is pretty petite with a big noggin! I like to think it's just to warehouse a big brain... (=

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