20 Nov ~ Turkey Feast

One of my favorite new things is getting to be Sailer's room mom... I know some parents would consider that such a drag but it's completely up my alley! Today was Sailer's class Turkey Feast. They were absolutely adorable, and seemed to have such a good time giving thanks together (or just chowing nuggets). It made staying up until 1am (which being pregnant and exhausted all the time is quite a feat) sewing their pilgrim bonnets, hats, and collars completely worth it!! It was pretty funny... all the other moms of the older kids kept coming to see our party b/c Sailer's class table was considered "fancy" (gotta luv PB Kids) and their costumes actually sewn and not make-shift paper hats. The irony is that my class probably didn't care or know the difference like the older ones would've (but I knew...(= ). And I'm sure every pilgrim had monogrammed collars. I know, I know.... I can't help myself. I LOVE monogrammed anything, not to mention, I've got to put that monogramming machine to good use!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up, I love it! They are all so cute.

Hope you have a great Turkey Day!


TEAMMA said...

why does it not surprise me that you have a monogramming machine??!!!!

Jaime said...

Wow!! I am impressed with all that sewing!!!