Halloween 2008 ~ My Queen Bee

This was the first year Sailer actually could trick-or-treat a little "by herself"... she LOVED it! We took Sailer and Hope together which I think was a really smart idea- they watched each other and weren't scared at all. They both could not grasp the concept of "just one," but everyone thought they were so cute that they didn't really care. I'm not sure if Sailer's fave part was the candy (which made her really sick later) or the glow-stick necklace handed out by the Keller Fire!

Today, we were supposed to head to a Halloween Party this morning, but Sailer's pal turned up sick so they had to cancel. )= So Sailer and I made a fun day of doing nothing... went to McD's and played for what seemed like forever, went to see some other pals, and finally, to the library to read a gazillion books!

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