14 Dec ~ Annual Santa Brunch

I can't believe it's Christmas time already. It seems like this year has just flown by. It seems like just a few months ago that we met the Jenkins fam up at TCC to meet Santa, and here it is, a year later. Well, there are a TON of pictures from this morning's Santa's Brunch. I just couldn't help myself!! I swear, if by some crazy chance Sailer and Grady actually do get married, they're going to have one incredible scrapbook of their life together. He is one of Sailer's favorite people on the planet and you can tell just from the pics. They're absolutely hilarious together!!
Sailer wasn't really loving Santa. She didn't necessarily cry, but she didn't want to sit in his lap either.... therefore, I got to sit in his lap (fun times) so we could get our picture together. Then, she was A-OK. Grady was a champ and sat in his lap with no problem. Maybe next year I can skip Santa's lap...
While the boys continued to chug their mimosas (sad prego mamas), Amy and I took the babies outside for quite awhile to play. This is where the real action happened. A lot of dirt, leaves, climbing, and giggling. They're just too fun to watch! All in all, the kiddos had a blast!

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