22 Dec ~ Happy B-day Uncle Jace!!

Today was Sailer's Uncle Jace's 35th B-day, so we all met up at our fave sushi place to eat. When the kids were smaller, we used to all meet up there pretty regularly... enough that the entire wait staff loves the kiddos. The boys proceeded to order EVERYTHING on the menu...too funny. And luckily there was quite a bit that the two pregos could eat. YUM-O!

Sailer and Grady were ALL over the place...completely wearing Amy and me out! Of course, there fave part was the chopsticks....up until the point when Sailer tried to take Grady's eye out. They were quickly confiscated.


Erica Wink said...

I hope you read your comments because I am not sure how to respond to comment you left on my site about the free actions for CS3. Feel free to email me and I can send you links to all kinds of free CS3 stuff erica.wink@gmail.com

Lyss said...

hey girl, email me at my yahoo- misslyss1@yahoo.com I will tell you all about my new camera, love it!