27 Nov ~ Giving thanks....

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year and had both my family and Mark's over. It's so nice to be able to combine our families for the holidays.... it's easier and nice to have everyone in one place to celebrate. I sat down today and started to think of all the things we've been blessed with this year, and I was amazed at how good God truly was to us this past year.

(1) His perfect timing brought us to our new beautiful home by way of selling our other house in a market that is far from positive.
(2) He allowed that move to be relatively painless (as far as moves go, that is).
(3) He grew and continues to grow Mark's business at such an exponential rate to be able to comfortably afford our dream house, which is just unbelievable to me.
(4) He granted the company to move into a new home of their own, a dream they've wanted for quite awhile now.
(5) He's granted us good health... something I think I've taken for granted until lately and feel ever grateful to possess.
(6) He blesses us each and every day with the miracle that is Sailer. She continues to grow like a little weed, absorbing everything around her. Although she definitely has a little of her mama's sass, she is so kind, which is what I prayed for most of all when I was pregnant. I think you can be the most beautiful or the smartest person in the world, but as my Pom continues to show me, the greatest virtue in this world is simple kindness.
(7) And finally, he blessed us with becoming pregnant again... and moreover the incredible blessing of a little boy. Now we continue to pray for an uneventful pregnancy, an easy and quick delivery, but most of all, a healthy baby.

Thank you dear Lord for shining your light on us this year and blessing us so abundantly. It is so undeserved, but I know all things come directly from you, so I'll just give you praise and credit for the above list. I love you.

Someone wasn't so sure about the whole turkey spread...

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