9 Dec ~ New Toys at our House

Well, we've got a few new "toys" at our house...first, Mark is like a little kid in a candy store. He ordered this car like 6 months ago, and it finally came in today. He just wants to be like Brad Pitt. (= Honestly, I'm SO not a car person, but I will even say, it's very cool. And it makes Mark extremely happy, so that makes me happy.

And, then, the more practical new toy at our house. I've been searching for a little table for Sailer to eat, play, etc. at in our family room. Everything I found seemed cheap and I really wanted dark wood so it coordinated with the rest of the room. I finally found this from PB Kids, and she LUVS it. She sits at it any chance she can. Too cute and functional. Now I need some fun board above it to display her art and pics, etc.

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Lyss said...

Hey girl! Send me an email when you can with the digi scrap stuff! Love your blog!

Alyssa, Jack's mom from school