Better late the never... setting up her Barbie tree

Several people have asked me where Sailer's Barbie tree was this year?? Well, as I explained earlier this month, I have not been in my usual "every surface of my house is Christmas'ed out" mode this year. And well, I'm kind of glad I waited to put Sailer's tree up since I decided to do a baby Christmas party last minute and it was such a fun addition to the party room (if I'd put it up earlier, it would've been in her room). Unlike last year, Sailer actually helped decorate her tree. She was SOOOO proud of herself everytime she placed an ornament on the tree. And since you can't tell from the pics, the reason it's called the "Barbie Tree" (outside of the fact that it's pepto-bismol pink) is because Sailer's nana has been collecting the original Barbie ornaments for years and last year she gave them to Miss. S. Anyway, I love it!! And am so glad I begrudgingly decided to put it up. The pink makes me happy!(=

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