Cookies Galore

Later that afternoon, Sailer and I headed to her Nana's house for our first annual cookie making party! We were all clad in our Christmas "cook-wear" (I couldn't resist).... and good lord, did we make some cookies! Sailer made a ton for her classmates, and they turned out SOOOO cute!

Sailer actually helped in all aspects and absolutely had a blast. She loved the cookie cutters (probably reminded her of her playdoh), tasting the dough, and was enamored with the icing and sprinkles (what girl isn't?). Let's just say, she ate/licked way more than she successfully decorated.

I, of course, had to take a ton of pictures b/c she was so stinkin' cute in her apron and hat!!

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Jaime said...

LOVE, love this outfit!! and the pics of her in the leaves!!! Such a darling!!