Nutcracker 2008

One of my favorite memories growing up was going to the Nutcracker with my mom and grandma...just the girls! We would dress up (and I would try to "steal" my Mur's mink for the night b/c it made me feel so fancy.) Well, I'm so glad to continue this tradition with my little future ballerina. Just out of caution, we just did Act II this's the best part anyway...and Sailer did pretty well. Except for maybe when she tried to "reenact" the ballet on the bar in front of us. (= Too funny. And she loved to clap at the end of a sequence. Of course, one of the most fun parts of the Nutcracker is getting to dress Sailer up as a princess while I still can. As we were heading to our seats, one of the ballet coordinators stopped us and said that she sees little girls dressed up each performance but that Sailer had topped the charts out of all that seen. Too sweet! She did look absolutely beautiful...she loved showing off her tutu during the intermission (whether it be turned circles to see it shift or just plain rolling around in all the layers). Needless to say, either way, people just stopped and watched her "mini performances."

I've loved watching Sailer grow...but it just goes by soooo fast. Sometimes it makes me a little sad to see how big she has already become, but at the same time love her growing personality. Just to see the marked difference between this year and last...

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