5 Feb ~ Power Struggles

Every morning Sailer and I have a battle of wills regarding "how close is too close to the tv?" Everytime I turn my back, she's inched her chair just a little bit closer.... until finally, she gets to her version of a perfect viewing (see below). Once we reach this point, I pull her chair back and explain why it's not good for her to sit so close, and inevitably, slowly but surely, she sneaks forward once again. She is totally my child with that stubborn streak.


Meaghan said...

hey tara! i found your blog from angela jennings, and i thought your name sounded familiar... did you go to baylor? i went to nursing school with angela. your blog, home and most of all litte girl are all gorgeous! xoxo meaghan

Jayla Mcdermott said...

How was the rodeo? I wish we could have gone with ya'll. Hope does the same thing when she watches tv. She will even tell me its bad for your eyes then move her chair up closer.