7 Feb ~ Happy B-day Grady!!/ Mommy Picture Time

Today was Sailer's boyfriend, Grady's, birthday party...we actually only lasted about 30 minutes at the party, and then, poor Sailer just fell asleep. Apparently, she was getting sick b/c this was SO not like her, especially in the middle of a jump house arena.

Then, that afternoon, I had my maternity photos taken... almost 5 hours worth! It was pretty awkward at first b/c I really haven't had my pics taken alone in a LOOOONG time, but Tamara, the photographer, who I absolutely love made it fun and very comfortable. I can't even count how many outfits I wore, and I'm dying to get the proofs back. I remember being prego with Sailer and I begrudgingly took maternity pics b/c I thought I had to, but I was SO grateful for those pictures once I got them back. It's a time you seem to forget and I love looking at those sweet pictures to help me remember.

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