Meeting Graham

I've been DYING to meet the little man I posted about earlier this week, but with Sailer being sick, we had to wait. We finally got to meet Graham tonight over at the Jenkins' new casa (in BFE I might add (=.... love you, Jace). Graham is SUPER stinking cute and is such a good baby, however, looks nothing like his mama or daddy, but ironically, looks fairly similar to my sweet hubby... makes one say "hmmmm." Just kidding. Anyway, as always we had the BEST time with them. Here's a synopsis of the evening: the kiddos played hard together, Mark drove around Grady's new plasma car after a few cocktails, Jace broke Grady's plastic dinner chair b/c it apparently couldn't take his weight, Grady performed his rendition of "Should Have Put a Ring on It," Sailer kept trying to sneak up on the baby to do God only knows what, and the two [insert sober] mamas watched with amazement at the craziness our lives have become.

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