18 April ~ Golf Lessons from Daddy

As many of you know, Mark is an AVID golfer and is completely chomping at the bit for Sailer to turn 3 b/c she can officially start golf lessons up at our club. (Good lord, I hope she likes it or his poor little heart is going to be broken.) Anyway, we did VERY little today since I felt like a train had run over me and back.... but you know what, it actually turned out to be a wonderful family day together. Sailer and I talked Mark into driving to BFE to go to Marble Slab (I've only got a short while where I can use the pregnancy craving card), and then, came home and played out in the yard together. Sailer rode her bike, we swang for what seemed like forever, and then, daddy came out to hit some chip shots, but ended up having a little golf lesson with Miss. S.

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