9 April ~ Precious Naked Girls Decorating Eggs.... nothing cuter!

This afternoon Sailer had 3 of her gal pals over for a little girl time decorating Easter eggs... they were so stinkin' cute and MESSY!! It was what you'd call a beautiful disaster. Though the eggs weren't what you'd call masterpieces, the girls seemed to have a blast just causing a giant mess and getting covered in the dyes themselves (for ex: Sailer pouring a whole cup pretty much down herself and Hope). She also thought the egg holder was completely useless, so she decided to just use her hand to dip the eggs. Thank goodness it came off during her bath- I just kept thinking of the beautiful Easter family photos of her with a bright green hand. Here are a bunch of pics from this afternoon...

setting up for the little princesses to arrive:

the girls decorating/ destroying their eggs:

cupcake girlies:

the mess:
leaving her mark:
all the girls:


Lyss said...

very nice! love the green hand in the cupcake icing!!!

Jaime said...

oh this is too cute - what a great idea!! and love the blue bonnet pics as well!!!

Carmen said...

So fun, what would Bree do without her Tia Tara?

Anonymous said...

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