Family Maternity Photos

Alyssa, a sweet photographer friend of mine (& Sailer's pal Jack's mama), and I have been trying to get together for over a month now to do a family maternity session.... anyway, we finally got together this past weekend! Sailer was, of course, SO NOT into it, but Alyssa is the 3rd photographer that's tried to get her to kiss the "baby" and it finally happened! Due to the overwhelming praise she received from the achievement, she then had to kiss Mark's belly as well, but who's counting. It was WAY cute! Anyway, there are apparently a ton more, but she did a sneak peak on her blog, so I stole some of my faves to show off. Funny enough, I think one of my absolute favorites is the one of Sailer on Mark's shoulders and we're all laughing. This reminds me of us at home.... completely unposed and just enjoying each other but especially Sailer and her craziness!


James and Shanna said...

They are are beautiful!!! I can't pick just one favorite!!! Praying for you!!

Hilary said...