THANK YOU!!! Love you all!

I just downloaded all of my pics from the weekend and came across this one from Friday. Lana took it for us as we were headed out the door to the hospital, presumably to finally get to meet Lincoln. Now that I'm over my self-pity party about Friday, I can actually smile at this picture. Can you tell how happy I am??? Ha Ha.... little did I know! (= Anyway, I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who left posts, sent e-mails/texts, called, etc. to either tell me a funny story about when you peed yourselves (I highly enjoyed those HA!) or just gave words of encouragement. LOVE Y'ALL so much!! You really did make my weekend so much better!!! Baby Lincoln is still holding out despite my gazillion attempts to naturally make him come out, but I'm really ok with it right now. (this may change in a hour but for the moment, I'm ok). I know God has perfect timing, so I'm trying to hold on to that. Lincoln will come when he's good and ready (or when the dr's finally force me to induce), and I'll forget about all of this painful waiting. So for the moment, I'm just playing with my precious first baby... still in our pjs.... stuffed with cinnamon rolls.... watching her water color on the porch... and feeling pretty content.


Lyss said...

aw- bless your heart, you DO look so happy! Don't worry, you will have that same expression very very soon, my dear!

kinsey said...

i was so hoping he would come today. shoot ;-) but thinking about you this week and hoping to see his face soon!