26 May ~ My Fairy and Little Working Man

I bought a couple pairs of wings for Miss. S a few months ago, and she's never really shown any interest in them until lately. And now she says "fly" which means she wants her wings on to fly.... aren't they cute? She'll just play in them and forgets she has them on until I tell her it's time to take them off and MAJOR fit. So inevitably I just let her keep them on until it's time for the little fairy to go to naptime.

My little working man.... I just love these little tie onesies. They totally crack me up!


mademoisellechitchat said...


Thank you for the kind words on my blog. My robe and hood do make me happy. My committee nearly killed me, but I made it!

I am SO diggin' the wings and the onesie! The onesie is great. Truly, you and your husband are giving your children such a wonderful childhood. Your pics always make me smile.

I know that you are into scrapbooking (and you do such a wonderful job). When you have a moment, check out my recent post. A sweet lady made me a 16x20 frame for my kitchen. I LOVE it!! I am *not* an Americana type of decor person. God is Blessin' America; I know that, and every nook in my house does not have to state that. I like Americana items, but not in every room. I don't want my home to resemble Cracker Barrel.

I love the Reminisce French Kitchen paper line, and since my kitchen is white and light oak, I thought that red would be a perfect "splash" color.

The woman sells these frames. You pick out the paper, and she designs. If you are interested, let me know, and I will pass the contact info. on to you; however, you are so talented, I am sure that you can whip up your own creation! ;)

kinsey said...

love that onesie!