7 May ~ My little prince and princess

This is what I see about a gazillion times during the day... it's the stance begging to go outside, and I'm so sad b/c this week I haven't really done a lot with her outside b/c I'm still learning how to manage both little ones. I hope I get a better handle on this soon. (=
Today was like a new little swimmer! First of all, she jumped right in the pool without even making a fuss for mommy to get in. Second, she kept throwing the rings into the pool so she could dive into get them! Third, look at her! She swam by hersef and was so proud of herself (as was I). And lastly, she told the little girl that has the slot behind us, "Sailer's turn"... because she did not want to get out. Man, I really wish we had a pool now. Hopefully, very soon! Fingers crossed.

This is what I found today... Sailer said "baby wanted snack." Great!
My little prince:


Lucy said...

Hi Tara. I have never commented before but I've been reading your blog for a couple of months. I found it through one of my friends (maybe summer?!) Anyways, I wanted to say congratulations on the arrival of sweet Lincoln. He is adorable. Sailor looks like she is taking to the big sister role exceptionally well! (I mean, already letting him play with her dress up and sharing her snacks?! So loving!! ha! So cute!)

Also, if you don't mind, would you mind emailing me with the contact info for Sailor's swim teacher. I would LOVE to sign my daughter Eleanor up for that course. I really want her to learn to swim this summer and I think it amazing that Sailor has already mastered it 3 days in... WOW!! I know you have your hands REALLY full right now, so no rush at all! But when you get a chance, my email is Lucymurch@gmail.com. Thanks so much. Congratulations again!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

All the pictures are so, so darling! You are blessed, and you have such a beautiful family!

(OK, I was going to ask the same thing as the comment above...I'm trying so hard to find Ava a swim teacher this summer. If you get a second, could you email me her name/number? xslazo@aol.com, if you don't get a second, I wouldn't blame you!)

Mommy Dear said...

Congratulations on your baby boy! He is seriously super beautiful! Wow. Your family is gorgeous--

You are so blessed! Enjoy each moment--they pass too quickly!