Sailer's "Prince"

Just a quick cute story... so the slumber party has now entered into Day 2. Today's healthy snack consisted of the yummy combo of buttered movie theater popcorn and milk duds. Anyway, I'm trying to introduce Sailer to all of the princess movies to get her ready for Disney World this next year.... and b/c her room has a giant castle painted on her wall that she always talks about. Well, today we bought "Sleeping Beauty" to watch, and I asked her who was on the front cover of the DVD. She pointed to SB and said "pwincess" and then, to the prince and said "daddy." I guess that's so true...her daddy will always be the first prince in her life. (And will likely grant any and all wishes she has along the way since he's such a sucker when it comes to her.)


James and Shanna said...

AW!! I need a little girl so bad...Sooo cute. She will have a great time at Disney!! We thougt about coming sometime this summer to see ya'll again.

Lyss said...

I love it! She will have a blast!