2 June ~ Summer Camp Starts

Today was the start of Sailer's school's summer camp. They do it so that the kiddos can meet their teachers and new classmates in a fun manner. It's all fun times with lots of arts, music, outdoor play, etc.
When we got home, we, of course, hit up the pool again...isn't she such a cute bathing beauty?!?!

Making footprints:
And Mr. L was out lounging poolside as well.
Later that night I almost had a heart attack. I was holding L and heard him toot, so I thought it was time to change his diaper. I unwrapped him and almost dropped him when I spotted this... if you take a closer look, it was luckily not what I first thought. Miss. S had stored one of her milk duds that she'd gotten at the movies and here is the aftermath.

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mademoisellechitchat said...

HILARIOUS! The baby looks as if he's just "chillin'."