22 June ~ My Prima Ballerina and Little Lady Killer

Today was one of those days I've been waiting for ever since I found out I was having a little girl... her first ballet class! Well, actually it was ballet/tap/tumbling. Sailer was SOOO stinkin' cute dressed in her little ballet tutu and tap & ballet shoes. We kept peeking in at their class and they giggled the whole time.

A cute picture of Hope and Sailer with their new dance teacher:
Part of the rules at her dance academy requires each ballerina to have a bag to carry their different dance shoes, etc., so I told Sailer I had a surprise for her this morning and gave her this backpack. She did NOT want to take it off. In fact, she cried almost the whole way there b/c I made her take it off to get in her carseat. She looked like such a big girl carrying it.
After her class when she got home, I gave her a little present for her first dance class. It was just little things that had ballerinas on them, but she LOVED the dance wand and esp the wooden magnetic ballerina doll. We played dress up with it for the majority of the afternoon. What was so funny was that there were tons of accessories but she'd change the outfits but always wanted her to have the bow on!

Since Mr. Lincoln was going to be surrounded by tons of ladies, I thought this onesie only appropriate.... (=

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James and Shanna said...

Yeah Playa!!!! Go Linc Go!!!!
Sailer - you look like such the perfect princess!