Lincoln's Sip'n'See

Today Lincoln's Mimi and Nana hosted a "Sip-n-See" for him so that a few of their friends could get to finally meet him. The invitations boasted a super cute jungle theme to welcome the new little cub, and the decorations fit perfectly. I was so grateful for all of those that came to celebrate our new addition! Lincoln is so lucky to have so many that care about him!! It was a wonderful day! I was so caught up in greeting and talking to people that I didn't get to take many pictures (shocking, I know).

You're looking at Mr. L for pretty much the entire sip'n'see.... SLEEPING! He especially loved his Aunt Nicole who sweetly held him FOREVER. (She's just logging practice hours for her sweet little boy that's going to be here soon.)
Sailer having snacks with her new neighbor, Becca:
They call me Mellow Yellow... just had to grab a pic of two of my girlies in the apparent color of the day:
Mr. L's jungle cake and super fun animal cupcakes:
the kids' table:
Monkey Invasion!!!

I just had to take this picture of Lincoln because it reminded me so much of Sailer- she used to always sleep with both of her arms up by her ears, and I thought it was so sweet!


mademoisellechitchat said...

Tara, you truly live in Tara. ;) Your chairs are phenomenal. They remind me so much of my parents' formal dining room chairs.


Nicole Fields said...

It was so fun meeting Mr. Lincoln and getting my baby fix. I could have held him for hours! Such a sweet little boy. Can't wait for play dates with our little boys!!!