12 July ~ Answered Prayers

Today was such a big and great day for our family. As I've written a lot about lately, we have been searching and praying for a new church home. Well, we finally found a place that meets the needs we'd been searching for.... truly, praise the Lord! We joined a fantastic church that is ironically a minute from our old house today! It's small and familial and what has been SO amazing about our experience thus far is that every time we've visited (and I mean EVERY single time), we've been approached by young couples with kids our age to join them for lunch after or to set up a playdate or to get us involved. That just doesn't happen! And never would've at our old church (which I still love but just needed to find somewhere that was a better fit for the needs of family now). Anyway, I'm SO excited about getting involved and meeting more people there. Funny enough, we actually have run into quite a few people that I went to college with, so that's really helped make us feel at home faster. YEAH for answered prayers!!!!

Mr. L's Nana came over today with a special little gift for him... his first CAR! Ok, so it's a little matchbox car, but it's something special because his daddy is such a car fanatic and apparently was addicted to these as a child.

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Jaime said...

hooray on the new church!! that is so great!!! We feel like the family we have gained in our church is one of the biggest blessings we have!