2 July ~Surgeries and Dance Parties

Today Lincoln and I played Nurse Ratchett for the Mimi... she had surgery today and was a great patient! Luckily, Mimi's friend, Debbie, was there b/c we wouldnt have been able to do it without her! We weren't supposed to stay the night after the surgery, but the post-op regiment seemed a little daunting for the great-g-parents to handle, so we stayed to make sure she was ok. Lincoln loved it because he got to spend some quality time with his Pom-o and Mur! I had to take a quick pic of Mr. L sleeping on the puppy at Mimi's house (this was actually a shower gift for his big sis once upon a time!)

Anyway, I was a little worried about leaving Mark along with Sailer, but it seems like she was quite entertained in my absence (WHAT is up with her hair... that SO looks like a daddy was left in charge!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEeZOTR5pUk

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