Sailer ~ 2 years, 3 months today!

Today my first baby turned 2 years, 3 months... where does time go?? We spent the better part of the afternoon having her pictures taken (do you think that's all we do? ha). We did a little mini session out at the Dallas Arboretum where Sailer was clad in her bright red tutu and eating watermelon... doesn't get more summer than that! She did the best she's ever done while getting her photos taken. She laughed the whole time... I think it had something to do with the tangible props. Anyway, I will post those pics when I receive them of course... but for now, here's what I know about Sailer right now:

(1) Weight- 23 1/2 lbs (um can we say 7%... I don't like that all that much), and Heighth- 33 1/2
(2) Current favorite foods- loves nasty vienna sausages, french fries from McD's (yes, I'm that mom), dino nuggets (I'm sure they're all chkn), cheese crackers... well, any cheese byproduct for that matter, any kind of fruit though blueberries are #1, with apples (1 bite) and "nanas" coming in tied at second, and unfortunately, suckers are still hanging in there strong.
(3) Sailer has decided she's ready to start potty training... yes, I said Sailer has decided. I've been terrified of the whole process and with the addition of Lincoln, I've put it off even more. Well, Sailer has started telling me she wants to "pee pee" on the potty every morning and several times during the day. And she does! However sad this is... her great incentive is that she gets to wash her hands. Hey, whatever works!
(4) Thing that still gross mommy out about you... "mommy, sailer see poo poo" when she knows it's a bad one. WHO WANTS TO SEE THAT? {Gross!}
(3) Fave movies: "Puppies" (puppies and more puppies...aka 101 dalmations), "Pwincess" which is Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin (which is one of my old faves too!), "Panda" (Kung Fu Panda), and "E-fant" (Horton Hears a Who).
(4) You still watch Mickey Mouse as your staple, but have lately been asking for Little Einsteins in the morning... have no idea where that came from??
(5) Fave books- You LOVE "Big Words for Little People" but the book I think Sailer is the cutest with is "Baby Bear" because she's read it enough that she can basically recite it so she "reads" it along with me.... I mean seriously what 2 year old knows what a blue heron is?? (or a 30ish year old for that matter??)
(6) Newest Sailerism- After one of Lincoln's crying spells, she came up to me and said, "Mommy, no more Rincoln, Sailer go to Nana and Papa's House." Ummm, Sailer, me too....
(7) Sailer speaks in so many sentences now and knows words that I have no idea how she knows... ex, "mommy, this toy needs new bat-ries." How does she know what batteries are and what needs them??
(8) She loves Lincoln for the most part, but definitely competes for my attention. I am really trying to give her as much time/ attention/ love as I can because I know it must be hard to feel like you were the center of the universe and all of the sudden a meteor just crash landed and burst your perfect party. She particularly likes for him to sit with her in their new chairs and watch movies... she tells him "this is fun, Rincoln, this is fun!" Oh and the other thing I think is hilarious, is that for awhile now she's tried to avoid the circle (that's what we call my camera lens), but now when I start to take a pic of Lincoln, all I hear is "cheeeeese" and Sailer trying to get in the pic. (=
(9) I still think she's going to grow up and be some sort of artistic in one capacity or another... that is by far her favorite thing. She {LOVES} to draw, paint, etc. (on anything with anything unfortunately.) I do love this about her though...
(10) My greatest high with her is when I pick her up from anything where's she been away from me (ie church, school, dance, etc.), I swear she screams louder than any other child... "MOMMY"!!! And giggles so loudly as she runs and jumps in my arms. I'm not quite sure there's a better feeling in the world! I will miss when she no longer thinks I'm cool. )=

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Hey! It is Jenny from mom's league:)

I have to know, does Brandi at B4 do your photos?

You can see some she's done for us on my blog:)