24 July ~ Gymnastics Finale

HOLY BATMAN, Lincoln!! He's thinking, dang, I have to endure another one of these things... =)
Today was Sailer's summer gymnastics exhibition, and it was so cute.
she was absolutely {loving} that her daddy was there to watch. She kept calling out to him after she'd do one of the events. Hilarious! Ive still got to upload the video but there's one part where she was trying to show off for him and she literally face planted! Hence the red nose in her pics! Anyway, she did so great, but I think her favorite part was the little blue ribbon she recieved at the end! Couldn't stop staring at it!!

Doing a big girl flip on the bar... LOVE it!

Little Monkeys...

Keeping her balance...

Studying her new little blue ribbon... her mommy was SO proud!And had to post a pic of our newest piece of furniture... our trendy little TIME OUT chair. Didn't think it would turn our this cute?!?!? Almost kind of sad that it's going to be used for not fun purposes b/c seriously, it's too fun!
It reads "It's time to sit out from the fun, To think about what you've done." HA!!
Someone dipped into the Harry Potter stash...

And lastly, Mimi came over to watch the kiddos so we could have a date night. I talked him into a chick flick and it was absolutely hilarious!!

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aLena said...

Luv the time out chair... seems more life fun than a punishment LoL!