Girls Night!

Tonight was SO fun for me. First and foremost, because one of my best friends was in town for the night. Second, because I got to catch up with my college girlies that I so miss! And third, because I only had 1 baby in tow. Man, it's amazing how easy having just 1 seems once you have your second. Although I absolutely love it, it is definitely a challenge to balance both, so it was nice to be able to relax and actually have girl talk that doesn't involve poopoo and Minnie Mouse.

The whole gang:
Jennie & I.... with what could be. HA!:
Auntie Mel:
Auntie Jules:
Auntie Jaime... she's not a baby lover at all (right!):

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Jaime said...

ahhh he is just too cute!! love that S is such a good big sis!