Timarron's Midnight Golf Tournie Winners

Tonight was SO much fun!! The craziness of Facebook reunited me with one of my very old friends who now lives about a MINUTE away from me!! Jaclyn has just started golf lessons, so we got them to play with us in the annual Midnight Golf Tournament up at Timarron. Last year was SO dang fun, so we could't wait to play in it again. The tournie is set up with a 9 hole scramble while it's still light out, then, you head into the clubhouse for dinner, and then, everyone heads back out to play a 9 hole scramble in the dark! They use glow-in-the dark balls and line the fairways and flags with glow sticks. Anyway, we had a blast, and if you can believe it, we WON the whole thing!! And had an absolute blast doing it. (=

This is post-dinner and on to the fun and games!

Look at these super fun drinks... all glow-in-the-dark! And then, a picture of us after a "few" of those fun little jello shots.

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