12 August ~ Three Years of Bliss and counting...

THREE YEARS and counting.... today was Mark and I's third anniversary since taking the plunge together. I feel so blessed by his daily presence in my life... I love him more than words can say and know with every fiber of my being that God designed him for me. First off, because he can put up with me, which is no small feat. But more so, we make each other happy. We simply fit. He makes me laugh even when I'm crabby. He spoils me completely rotten. He works so hard to give our family a life that is beyond expectation. He is an incredible daddy that shows in my daughter's eyes... and I have no doubt will shine in my son's as well. But most importantly, he is trying to set a Christ-like example for his family to follow. I treasure this the most. It's not easy in his business, in this world and time to live in such a way... it takes a strong man, so I respect him immensely for doing so. With all of that said, I love you, Mark (if you read this), and I truly thank our Lord for you. Here's to many, many, many more days like today!

We got up for an early breakfast and tee time over at Cowboys, which is an incredible course!! (Luckily my sweet dad/grandpa and his could-not-be-better-with-kids wife/nana came over to the house to watch the kids ALL DAY! Woo hoo!!)
After we got home, we went pool shopping! Can I tell you how stressful this whole process is, but it was SO nice to run around and just BE with Mark today. Once we got home, we took quick showers and headed out to JR's Steakhouse for dinner. Can I please tell you that I had the BEST dessert I've EVER had?? I'm a total sucker for smores, and I'm not certain how they did it, but it was absolutely to die for, melt in your mouth, perfection.

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