19 Aug ~ A little bit of this and that...

Ok this morning was HILARIOUS! Here's my little diva (can you believe how cute her little outfit is?? so BIG GIRL!) strutting out of the house. She told me she looked "pwetty." The day before I had completely spaced and missed a photo session time (I still blame prego brain), and luckily the photographer had another opening and didn't hate me too badly for leaving her hanging the day before. So we set off.... it was supposed to be just Miss. S having her pics taken since I'd just had Linc's done the week before. Well, this Miss. Thing was NOT having it. So Amy said let's just strip that little boy down and take some of him. Two words.... pure cuteness! Cannot wait to see them!! He did great...well, that is until he PEED everywhere! Ugghhhh..... little boys and their untamed waterhoses. Once we'd taken Linc's pics, Sailer decided she finally wanted a turn... it didn't hurt that Chris brought one of the coveted Monster Cookies down for her as incentive.
After the photo session, we raced to make it to her first day back to gymnastics! Terrible pic but had to grab a shot of her mini Olympian leotard. (= Mommy only wishes...
And of course, my little man.... could he be any more of a tubs??? I think the remainder around his mouth gives it away a little. (=
These just make me smile... I can't believe she's big enough to actually wear them?
Tonight, the kiddos and I went out to dinner with the nana and papa since big daddy was out of town. Sailer suckered her papa into the black hole.... no one ever comes back out!

And don't you just love her accessories that she demanded in the restaurant... her ever essential pink boa and the biggest paci ever!
And last but not least... Lincoln started rolling over a few days ago, and I finally got pics of him in action!!

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