21 Aug ~ WARNING: photo overload.... A girl and her rainboots

There's nothing like dancing in the rain....so when it was barely sprinkling when Sailer woke up, I decided to grab her rainboots and umbrella and head outside! She {LOVED} it! It totally cracks me up.... what is it with kids and umbrella obsessions?? Anyway, I just loved taking her pictures out there- either dancing in the puddles or twirling her umbrella in the cul-de-sac by our house or searching for the frog in our front flower bed... LOL. Don't you know my neighbors think I've gone round the bend?? Oh well... hope you enjoy my indulgence.(=


Melissa Darby said...

These are precious! I love her looking back at the camera giving you sass face. Too cute!

aLena said...

What gorgeous pictures!

Tara you did an amazing job... the shots looks so professional!

...And the outfit is too die for ;)

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

if you can take pictures this good, why do you ever have anyone else do them? they look amazing!