31 Aug ~ My little hostess

Another day of dance for my little princess... and what I thought was absolutely hilarious was this morning, we were running terribly late (can we say baby awake from 3am on due to an explosive and rather toxic diaper)! So I woke up late, rushed to Sailer's room to get her up and dressed, and as we came down the stairs, she went to windows I always photograph her by due to the good natural light... and promptly stood there and said "mommy, sailer picture." Well, I for one was NOT going to say "no"- I'm usually begging for her to let me take her picture before we go places. So this was her standing, posingWhen I picked up this little tutu/leo the other day, I almost didn't buy it because it looked so small! Well, I guess I forget how tiny Sailer is because I'm so used to talking about the tank that is my son.
Doesn't she look almost ethereal?
Crazy woman!

Sailer is constantly cracking me up with either a funny Sailer-ism or just random but logical behavior. Well, today she wanted her snack, and I got her one. So a few minutes later, I hear her coaxing Camo over to her table... and this is what I find.Isn't she such a delightful hostess?? She even uses "china" for serving...
Telling him which "snack" (bone) is his... yes, that unfortunately, means that she has one for herself:
Oh and to leave you with another Sailer-ism... this past Friday Sailer came up to me and said "Mommy, goofy loves the bootie. Mommy, goofy wants to see the bootie!!! Bootie!! Right now. Pwetty Please!" I was not following and not going to oblige... Until I realized she was just telling me he wanted to watch sleeping BEAUTY!

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