August Book Club ~ Sheer Abandon... a Taste of Thai

Tonight was the kickoff of this year's book club. And it was my turn to host... you know how much I love to plan a fun get together!! The book, Sheer Abandon, was actually really great, though a little lengthy for this mama of two. The book revolves around 3 girls travels to Thailand, so I decided to embrace the whole Asian theme.

This is my sad attempt at writing in Thai...Front Table:
Well, I never got any pics with all of the food and the candles, but it turned out pretty festive.

The dessert table... I love fortune cookies!!
And importantly, the bar... (ps I'm not gonna lie, I had serious reservations about buying the Budha...just seems sacriligous to have one burning in your house... but then, thought I was being silly.)

The cute little party favor table...

And most importantly... the girls!!

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aLena said...

You did a great job with the whole Asian themes... everything looks so cute and festive!