Can't get ANY sweeter!!!

WOWZA.... so this puts my watermelon photos to SHAME! Not that I EVER thought I was anywhere close to the same league as a professional, but these photos below just make me absolutely smile ear to ear. I had Sailer's photos taken a few weeks ago at the Dallas Arboretum with Brandi of B4 Photography. And I absolutely {HEART} her and the photos!!! Sailer NEVER smiles really for photos, and seriously, she's smiling in all of them. Isn't she beautiful??? And yes, I know that flower is ginormous! Mommy's perogative. (= Anyway, enjoy!!! (PS Do her little panties look familiar???)

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Jenny said...

Those are AWESOME! She always does such a good job! we heart Brandi too:) oh and I personally LOVE the giant flower!