16 Oct ~ Pumpkin Patch 2009

Today the fun moms of our church met at the Pumpkin Patch...I just took Sailer with me so we could have some fun times just the two of us... not to mention, I don't think I could've kept up with her if I'd had Mr. Linc with me! (=

She was in heaven with all of the jumphouses!!

Especially the ones with slides! She was absolutely fearless and had no comprehension of her age...

For ex... all the rest of the kids slid down on their little bottoms... not my girl... it was face first every time!!!

Next, we headed to "meet" some of her favorite Disney characters. She was obviously not feeling the camera today... she just wanted to talk to her "friends."

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Brandi said...

LOVE her outfit. She is "BOOtiful!!!" Looks like you guys had fun.