21 Sept ~ 4 month stats

This is one of the more basic of Sailer's tutu collection, but I think the back is so beautiful and romantic. She, I'm sure, could care less...This afternoon we headed to our BRAND NEW pediatrician. After MUCH thought and prayer and a few frustrating situations, I made the decision we simply had to make a change. And luckily I really like the new one... she's young but not too young, is empathetic and takes time with patients, she is current, progressive and understanding of parent concerns... so I feel very fortunate.

Today's visit was two-fold. One- I was freaking out about a bite on Sailer's cheek. It looked a little bit too much like a spider bite for my taste, so we had to get it checked out. Additionally, it was Linc's 4 month appt... albeit 2 weeks late. He took the 2 shots like a champ... I'm not certain he could really feel it with the extra padding. The doc said he's extremely "healthy" and of course, oooohhhhed over how cute he is (always brownie points with me). His stats were:
Weight: 21.1 lbs. (off the charts)
Height: 27.3 (99%)
Head Circum: 17.5 (88%)

This is Sailer trying to measure his head again... he absolutely lets her do anything to him and loves it.
Trying to measure her own head.


Melissa Darby said...

OMG he weighs more than Carson! Granted, we are 9th % for weight but still, impressive. If he was only 8 months older you could turn him around in his carseat!

Jaime said...

the head measuring with the two is just precious and so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Your son weighs more than my 2 year old!!!

Jennie said...

I can't stop giggling at these pictures! S is just too much! You weren't kidding when you said L was a big one - thank goodness he is a boy!! I betcha he outweighs his sis in just a few months.