25 Sept ~ My baby's first alone trip

Today my sweet little BIG girl headed off on her first long weekend away with her Nana and Papa...sans mommy and daddy. Sailer was invited to be a flower girl this weekend, and because of several reasons, we didn't get to go. Can I tell you how sad I was to miss seeing her walk down the aisle. First off, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings. Until about a month ago when I finally gave in and chunked them, I had crates of every Martha Stewart Weddings mag since I was a freshman!! LOL. Second, because I always dreamed of my little girl getting to be a flower girl... getting to dress her up in some over the top dress and seeing her prance down the aisle. Well, I won't dwell on it because I know she had an awesome trip with her grandparents, and apparently, she was the hit of the wedding! More tomorrow.

Anyway, this is sad mommy taking a snapshot of her when she's about to leave...)=
And didn't want to forget the little man who got to stay behind and hang with is mama. I'll be honest, it was nice for a little bit to just play with him! He's the cutest thing ever!!

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