29 Sept ~ Girlfriends!!

Today was an AWESOME day for me as a girlie, a terrible day as a mommy, and ended out as a fun night with friends!

This morning I started an 8 week journey with some of my new "girlfriends" at church. We are digging into the word together and trying to figure out how to be stronger and more passionate women of God. It is led by our fearless pastor's wife who I cannot begin to brag about because words just aren't enough. She has a true gift and calling... she brought me to tears this first session and left me wanting to dive in head first. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get more into this study and continue to make lasting girl relationships through Him. Have I told you lately how incredible my church is??? If you live nearby and are looking, PLEASE come with me... I'd love for you to visit. (=

That afternoon I just continued to snuggle on the couch with my babies...breaking my heart!!

Later that night, I met out with Sherry and her crew to celebrate her b-day!! It was nice to have a little break from the house... it's been a rough couple of days with the sickies. Poor babies!! Later I met Tine and Robin out at Timarron for a little informational party.... we'll just leave it at that. HA!

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