27 Oct ~ Cruella and the [Three] Dalmations

Today was a fun-filled day of events at our house. It started off at school for Sailer and me/Linc at bible study. Instead of our normal pic by the stairs before heading off, we had to grab one in front of the garage since dumb mommy left her precious camera in the car all night.
That afternoon I picked Sailer up, grabbed a special cookie from The Cakery, and headed up to Sweet & Sassy to get her beautified for her big date with Grady. She LOVED it.... that stinking little diva.

And the final touches... can you tell what she's going to be with the half black/half white crazy hairdo??
Introducing the cutest Cruella de Ville on the planet!!

And the stinkin' cutest little dalmation puppy ever!!
Now the entire "pound".... we met Grady and Graham at Boo at the Zoo (like we do every year) and this year we actually got our act together and coordinated. Cruella and her [three] dalmations! Seriously, I think this turned out as my fave Halloween costume combo ever. They were the cutest things... people just kept stopping us, taking their pictures, pointing them out, etc.

Entering the zoo via the spooky bridge:
Look how tiny she looks!
Mommy and Princess Cruella
Picking up candy.

Mommy of the year was too busy snapping shots to notice Cruella has stood up in the wagon and was falling backwards, where her little head "caught" her.
Luckily her daddy was there for comfort.

And mommy snuggling with her little puppy.
TRYING for a group photo (I'm praying the Jenkins have a better one.)
Right as she's pushing him out of "HER" picture"...Talk to the hand....lol!
Running around crazy.

And now for the games.

So excited when she got a hole-in-one on the first try.
Our signature shot.
The mommy and daddy.
Just thought it was fun to show how much they've grown (and our families)...

Circa 2007:
Circa 2008:


Brandi said...

OMG.. those are the cutest pics I've ever seen!!! SOOOO CUTE!!! LOVE 'EM! You are always having so much fun with your kids. Awesome!

aLena said...

Ur sooo creative!!!

Those are the cutest costumes I have ever seen ... definitely crowd stoppers!