1 Nov ~ Happy 6 months Mr. Lincoln!!

Happy 6 months to my little man!!! Isn't he the cutest?? When I got pregnant with Mr. Linc I struggled for awhile at the thought of how I could possibly love another little one like I did Sailer... my heart just felt so full already. But then, he got here and I swear my heart expanded and feels like it's going to bust with joy most of the time (mmmm, maybe not at the 1 am and 4 am wakeup calls... (=). I feel so ultra fortunate to have this precious little boy. Right now, Mr. Linc can sit up, roll over, is getting really good at using his hands to grab toys he wants. He loves Mickey Mouse, his exersaucer, his pacis, and we think he is saying "ba ba" for bottle. Isn't that natural? As you can see, he is a TANK! Knocking on 25 lbs means his mama's back is pretty sore all the time, but worth every minute. Above all else though, he loves his big sister. His little face just lights up when he sees her. I love that! We've tried to introduce veggies lately, and it's absolutely not working....oh well, we'll keep trying. I heard from a few moms before Linc got here that you never do as much with the second child that you did for the first, and I made a promise to myself, I would try my hardest to do all the same things with Mr. Linc. So like with Sailer, I threw Mr. Linc a 6 month b-day party! Just a small little get together to celebrate... I bought Linc this little fireman's outfit awhile back so thought it would be a perfect little theme. Especially when paired with this vintage firetruck that his great grandpa has been keeping with hopes of this little man.

So "Happy Half Birthday Lincoln"!!

"Chief Lincoln"
Everyone clad in their Fire Chief hats and badges:

He had lots of helping blowing out his candles...

Taking a drive in the firetruck:

Opening his gifts:

And Sailer got one as well so she didn't feel left out...

This looks pretty gross but it's really just him getting to taste the icing.

And don't let these little angel wings fool you...
because she was definitely up to no good!

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