6 Nov ~ Sailer's First Haircut

Today was one of those wake-up calls that my little girl is growing up TOOOO fast! Mark and I took Miss. S to get her first haircut. I've been putting it off but with upcoming pics, it really needed to be trimmed. So off to Sweet'n'Sassy we went... here's our little before picture. She was in heaven... they were having 2 "big girl" parties in the back and her chair overlooked the festivities, so she was so happy to feel like she was a part of the fun. She was SOO good about helping the stylist when she was cutting her hair. I was shocked.

And she thought the blowdrying was hilarious as you can see...

But her fave part of course are these silly glitter tattoos they added to her sweet little cheeks.

Absolutely beautiful!! (=
Checking herself out with the new "do"!

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