9 Dec ~ Sailer's Gymnastics Observation Day

Today was SOOOOOOO sad for me. I have the flu. I am miserable. And more so b/c today I had to miss Sailer's parent observation day. I have NEVER missed one thing of hers... not a class, a doctor, a playdate, etc., so I was heartbroken the entire time. I pretty much cried the entire time she was gone. Luckily, her daddy was well and so he took her. I know she thought that was special. And thank goodness for sweet friends who took LOTS of pictures of my sweet little girl for me... it means more than you know!! So here you go.... my little gymnast in action.

Receiving her blue ribbon at the end of their performance.

And finally.... another one of my sweet girlfriends went to the store and brought Sailer some fun goodies and this flower and Tinkerbell balloon to celebrate her big day.... because they knew I would've made a big deal out of it and I was stuck here. Love you K!

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