Mom's League Christmas Party

Tonight was the Mom's League Christmas Party... love these girls!! Thanks Trina for hosting such a fun party! I'm so fortunate to have become a part of this amazing group of women. Seriously, I was somewhat skeptical when I joined because I'd heard mixed reviews, but I have no idea what they were talking about?!?! I have met some of the coolest ladies ever, and some I know I'll be friends with for the long haul. They constantly are a blessing in my life.

And btw, the best part for me (and Trina and Sherilyn) was my addition to my Christmas exchange gift... a life size poster of Edward! (= Oh, I feel so sad for those who do not understand. Lol.

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Meggan and Trent said...

My worlds are colliding right now! I see Katie Campbell in this picture - we have been friends since we were 5!!! Small world! :)